Free Magic / Jkriv - Chant & Sing EP (Discovery)

Every month on the second Saturday there is a disco party in New York. There may actually be several disco parties, but there is one in particular that you should know about and that is Discovery at Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. This is the kind of disco that hosts guests such as Soul Clap, Lovefingers, Chez Damier, Jacques Renault and Hot Toddy. It is not the kind of night you want to miss! It only makes sense that the people running this show would start a record label of their own. A vinyl-only record label that does limited runs. And so in 2012 "Discovery Recordings" was born. This first release, the Chant & Sing EP offers two tracks from residents Free Magic and Jkriv.

Together they've created a couple of midtempo deep-house grooves that get things started properly. The first cut on the record is 'Chant'. As the title implies this is a hypnotic moody song with an African chant sprinkled throughout. Synth washes and subtle arpeggios make this as deep as it gets. The second cut is my favorite of the EP. 'Sing' is a wonderful original production, with Jkriv playing live bass and the duo working the Wurlitzer, Rhodes and congas to maximum effect. The progression is perect and so is the tempo. It is no wonder that DJs like Doc Martin are already charting this record.

Surely this will be a label to keep on the radar for future releases. You can grab a copy of the first release here, but grab it soon. Only 300 were pressed and they will surely go quickly.