Get Down Edits - Guestmix

We've been seriously slacking on the guestmixes as of late, so we're happy the kind Get Down Edits crew were up for doing us a new one. It's a belter of a set too, expertly put together and chuckfull of amazing bits, ranging from moody downtempo tackle to fun disco nuggets. Actually, 'Fun' is  quite an apt description of what these guys are all about. Let me elaborate on that just a little. I don't get to play out nearly as much as I'd like to (I blame being a lazy as fck and terminally tired young dad), which means I usually DJ in front of a white and not so responsive white wall. Which will invariably lead to digging out the deepest and obscurest bits of house I have on the shelves. The funny thing is that on those rare occasions I do get to play out, I invariably start out with that same moody business, but as the night (and the alcohol consumption) progresses, I end up busting out full-on disco stuff and absolutely loving it. Which is where the Get Down crew comes in. They don't aim to please the beards, but cater for the girls instead. Play one of their tracks and the girls will start to dance. Which is what it's all about at the end of the day. The Get Down recipe is as simple as it is effective: take a great and trusted oldie, up the oomph, retain the swing and let the good times roll. Which is exactly how and why this whole edit industry got started in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, the Get Down Edits profile is skyrocketing at the moment. There's records coming out on Disco Deviance, new label Glenview Records and trusted digital imprint Editorial, and they succesfully run their own Get Down Edits label, a great outlet for their own edits and reworks and some inspiring cuts from other promising producers.

Best check their soundcloud for more info, tracks and gig info (anyone going to Croatia this summer???)

Oh, and before we forget, here's the mix. Enjoy!

1- BT Express Keep It UP - The Revenge Rework
2- 6th Borough Project - Estranged Lover
3- Fame - Duff Disco Edit
4- The Sun Healer
5- The Owl - Streetman
6- Blockroad - Rayko Edit
7- Tropical - Matthew Kyle
8- Just An Illusion - Satin Jackets Rework
9- Deep Soul - Matthew Kyle Rmx
10-Eddie C - Gimme Your Dub
11- Human Nature - Vins Dub Edit
12- Brandy I Wanna Be Down - No Requests Rework
13- 78 Edits - Inside
14- I Want You - Touchsoul Rework
15-Secret Stealth - Dream Of You
16- Going Back To My Roots - Fingerman Edit
17- Once On The Planet - Leftside Wooble Rework
18- Get Down On It - Rocco Raimonda Edit
19-Ferde Blanka - Mothers Son
20-Andrei - Trippin Out
21- I Love Your More - Andrew Clarke Edit
22- Rayko - Inside Out


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