Session Victim - The Haunted House of House Pt. 1 (Delusions of Grandeur)

We've been long standing fans and supporters of the Session Victim boys, not just for their ability to put out such slammin tracks while staying relatively hidden from society (their press shots often feature them with record bags over their heads) but also of course for their brilliance they've managed to slap on wax over the past couple of years. Their home base label Retreat (which they co-own with Quarion) has perhaps seen some of their finest outings - a sleazy fave for example (although perhaps not their typical fare) 'On The Roll'; and not to mention more perhaps well-known beasts they've unleashed on Delusions of Grandeur such as 'Million Dollar Feeling' for one. But perhaps the best reason to love ze Berlin based duo is the fact that they are such staunch wax fiends. When they're not in the studio you can find them in many of the vinyl haunts in Berlin with dusty knuckles searching for the perfect beat. They're also a couple of the nicest lads in the business. Well...we've only met one of them in real life (in a record shop of course) - but he was a serious standup chap.

The latest project by the boys is a 3 part LP for Delusions of Grandeur, the first 2 of which have already seen the light of day. Always with keeping slices of shimmering deepness in their productions - the tracks on this LP vary in their output and showcase a spectrum of the finest material the guys have to offer. 'Alpine Glow' hits with chunky drums and long slightly offkey organ stabs tends that sit nicely amidst subdued slapbass and shifty secondary synths. The real primetime fodder of Dark Sienna brings out a chuggy monster of a track that rides close to the red for much of the trip - a real driving 4x4 snarey tune with a fat bassline that'll stir frenzy on the floor. 'Flying Visit' gives morning rave a new feel with a lovely 5am vibe, reach for the lazers etc and all that...and finally, sleazy maestro Tornado Wallace gets some playtime on the title track and does anything but disappoint with a killer cut. We'll do all we can to give all these some proper playtime. And that's just the first ep, the second is just as good, all essential stuff, (although perhaps a tad more experimental). But hey, don't just take our word for it...

Grab them both here, they come with stellar sleeve artwork as well that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy.


  1. Love all there stuff. The 2 latest EPs are excellent but I think my favourite of their's has got to be "Memory Lane" from the "Out on Love" ep RTR02


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