Andy Ash - Get Loose (On The Prowl)

It's been a while since my last review, which is a bit silly as I've been buying loads and loads of records that all deserve a few kind words. I've been obsessed with Vakula's Asuwant track, a supreme slice of deephouse I keep playing over and over, and the second 7" on Eddie C's Red Motorbike (with tracks by his Canadian pals Dane and Koosh) has also been glued to my ratty old slipmat for a while now. Add some other fine records by the likes of Sunshine Jones, Session Victim (see Kris' post from last week), Andres and some absolute Discogs steals to the list and you get the jist...

I'm way too lazy to do writeups for all of these, but I did want to take a minute to single out Andy Ash's 'Let Loose EP' on On The Prowl, a record with an immensely big 'fun' factor without getting too cheeky. As much as I like supermoody and deep slow cuts, it's unlikely you'll get the floor going with too many tunes for the beards (I love you Vakula, but your music scares the women off the floor). Which is why we usually play a fair bit of chunky disco (think Rio Edits, Disco Deviance, Eros, Todd Terje, Onur Engin) to keep everybody happy (rule of thumb: the more beers we get fed, the gayer it gets). Andy's 12" for OTP, a label that seems to be going from strength to strength, fits the chunky disco category perfectly.

Title track Get Loose is an irresistable uptempo vocal stomper with big drums and driving guitars. Nothing too clever but supereffective and infectious. The A2, 'You Show me' is a vintage-sounding filter fest - think 90s French house - with teasing vocal samples and Soundstreamesque drums. Another certified party bomb.

Things get a little moodier on the flip with 'Love Straight', a classy midtempo deephouse track, that comes with an equally classy remix by house troopers du jour Deep Space Orchestra. The latter two will be getting plenty of plays around the house when the little one is asleep, but it's the A side that will get a mean rinsing when we get to play out. Without a doubt Andy Ash's finest release yet, essential 12".

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