Sunshine Jones - Heaven/Miracles (Whiskey Disco)

I was just going through the considerable pile of new records we scored on last saturday's Record Store Day to pick one to review, when this little 10" record I bagged a few weeks ago peeked at me seductively from the shelf, so the new ones will have to wait a bit. It's the tenth release on Sleazy McQueen's ace Whiskey Disco imprint, and it's a two track affair by Sunshine Jones. You may or may not know that Sunshine Jones is/used to be one half of Dubtribe Soundsystem, whose 'Do It Now' happens to be one of my alltime favorites. He's been doing reworks under the Sunshine Jones nom de guerre for a while now, expertly wielding the editing blade and reconstructing stoner rock and cosmic oddities to great effect. Sleazy McQueen cherrypicked the collection for a delightful double header here.

'Heaven' on the A is an immense rework of the Rolling Stones original, pushed along by Metro Area-esque synth lines, clever drum programming, heavy filtering and spaced out vocals. If you liked Matt Moroder's releases on Little Leaf, you'll love this as well. 'Miracles' on the flip is possibly even better. It samples an old Jefferson Starship tune, but to call it an edit would not do it justice, as Sunshine Jones has created a mesmerizing, spaced out piece of sheer awesomeness with just a few hints of the source material. It screams for 7 AM plays on sandy beaches (promoters, take a hint will you?).

The stuff that dreams are made of, two seriously amazing pieces of music that go on to prove there is life left in the art of editing yet. Oh, and obvious brownie points for putting out a 10" record, how I love those pesky little fuckers.

Go buy. That's an order.