Eddie C / Gem G - Bike 003 (Red Motorbike)

Hot wax alert!!  Our favorite Canuck Eddie C has dropped the third in his Red Motorbike series.  This is a must have record.  Just stop reading right now and go buy it.  It is seriously that good.  If you have kept up with any of the Common Edits or the 7 Inches of Love series then you will already know what to expect here.  Nothing but hand-stamped 45's, with top quality cuts and slices of source material that were already amazing to begin with.  Eddie tackles a War classic by 'Tripping Into Darkness'.  He does it intelligently by reaching for someone else's version, the Ramsey Lewis Trio, which honestly has always been one of my personal favorites.  Then you have Gem G on the flip side.  I'm not really familiar with Gem, but the way he expertly brings Curtis Mayfield into his own lush psychedelic wonderland of 'Bamboo Clouds' tells me that he is here to stay.

Both tracks can be heard below, buried and mixed into a DJ set that Eddie C played last month in Amsterdam.  But first I really do advise that you head over to Juno Records and pick up one of these babies before they disappear forever.


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