Frank Booker - Fall Out EP (Sleazy Beats)

Almost exactly three years ago (May 4th 2009) we posted our first musings on this blog:

"Welcome to this little space, devoted to midtempo electronica. We'll be discussing deephouse, disco, downtempo, soul and funk here that's aimed at the dancefloor but goes a little easier on the jugular. Music with a shelf life, records that will still sound fresh in a couple of years. 

Music made with love and passion. Music with a groove that makes your head bop and your fingers snap without you even noticing. We'll celebrate some of today's finest DJs and try to serve up the best mixes around. And we'll keep you up to date on fortcoming releases by some of the best labels around".

And here we are today, celebrating the release of our tenth release! In many ways, it's a really special record for us. For one, it's the tenth record, which is a bit of a landmark for a bunch of geeks taking the vinyl only route with with no experience in running a label whatsoever (seriously, we started out by googling 'what does it take to manufacture 12 inch vinyl' and took it from there). Secondly, we got to work with Frank Booker, who we've been staunch fans of since day one. Thirdly, because so many of you sent us pictures from all over the world for the record sleeve we got done up for this release, which looks absolutely amazing. And lastly, because it's the last one in the regular Sleazy Beats series (that's right, we're 'pulling a Jisco'). A new series is in the works (Sleazy Beats Black Ops), more on that later though...

Like I said before, we've been big fans of Frank Booker's music ever since his first single on Untracked came out, so we were delighted to get a message in our inbox from the man himself letting us know he was up for doing us our final record. We think he's done an absolutely smashing job, and thankfully, so did the kind people over at Juno:
"Since establishing the brand with a supreme EP from Eddie C, Sleazy Beats Recordings have seen the likes of Tornado Wallace, Lord Of The Isles and Dead Rose Music Company contribute to an edits series that's grown in stature with every release. A new dawn is on the horizon for the people behind Sleazy Beats and thus the tenth release is also the final one in this series - and who better to contribute than Mr Frank Booker. Co-host of the Hit It & Quit It radio show with Recloose, this New Zealand based producer doesn't release much music, but the quality ratio far outweighs the quantity with excellent releases on the likes of Untracked, Japan's Wonderful Noise and Fine Art. Much like Eddie C, you can't really call the three tracks here simple edits with Booker taking elements of the source material and layering them with his own studio expertise to form music that veers between deep house ("'Fall Out") effortlessly building midtempo chuggery ("Boss") and the blunted beatdown excellence of "Points." 


Three years ago, we promised we'd push music with a shelf life, music made with love and passion, and music with a groove that makes you bob your head and snap your fingers. We hope you'll agree Frank Booker's release easily delivers on that promise. In short, we are proud to sign off with an absolutely fantastic record.
As always, only 500 copies done up, in white inner sleeves and a full-colour 12" jacket featuring, well, you. Thanks again for all the kind words and support over the past years, it's been an absolutely amazing ride.

If you like the record you can buy a copy of Frank Booker's Fall Out EP here, or - if there is one in your neck of the woods - head over to your local shop and help keep them afloat. We'd be nowhere without them.


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