Stupid Human - Tony Rock (Stupid Human)

The Stupid one, aka Mr. Gilbert when his lawyer's calling, has just released his 5th release in what is quickly becoming a classic series of stupid records. Here we have the man slicing up another 2 jump-up party tunes that should go hand in hand with the insanely good weather we're loving overhead in most of europe at the moment. When refering to the man's productions though I hesitate greatly to use the term 'edits', even if that's very well what they he is cunninly adept at wielding a blade: selecting just the right sections for the block - and furthermore usually only choosing tracks that might do well with a wee snip n' tuck. Gwan then. I myself am still looking for a clean copy of SH002 'Ahh You're Welcome' for a decent price (anyone?) and still rinse Gun-Ga-Din any chance I get, and Swamp Funk is still to this day a classic/fave at all our sleazy Slammin' Silver® wedding anniversaries, Boomin' Barmitzvahs® and occasional Crackin' Casino® gigs.

Funk/Soul/Rhythm/Blues quintet 'Blue Magic' get first dibs with their relatively unknown number 'Clean Up Your Act'. As is the case here - and with many of Stupid Human's reworks the source vocal takes strong precedence and is essentially the heart of zee cut. For this one the dope beats and effects etc come in second place. Full on and full of heart - the Blue Magic boys croon it out to some new-school uplifting house beats and uplifting gurgly bassline and grand subbass. On the flip 'Tony Rock' gets a royal treatment, where we see reverb/delay and some pitching up of the vocal (think of some of those 80's b-boy electro/ breakdance records here) against some dark, spacey themes. Killer track as well but surely the fun factor will go to 'Clean Up Your Act' here at sleazy HQ. T'is just too catchy!

Grab a copy of this wild beast of a 12" HERE, as they're limited and usually sell out. Vibes' tight, a'ight?


  1. "CUYA" is def the winner for me. Still playing the last release on the reg too.


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