Tommy Awards - Tommy Awards EP (Magic Feet)

After covering a bunch of moody, bassheavy deephouse nuggets over the past few weeks, it's time for something a little different to keep things interesting: the Tommy Awards EP on Magic Feet.

In case you were wondering (and obviously you were): I used to beat the sh*t out of Craig Bratley's Free Music EP on Lowdown that came out almost a decade ago (think 90s jacking deephouse, used to be obsessed with those US imports back in the day). The sound he's pushing with Magic Feet - his new label - is an alltogether different beast though, introducing the unmistakable talents of Sweden's Jon Möller and Alexander Holm under their 'Tommy Awards" nom de plume. Make room for dreamy, meandering balearica everyone!

Opening track 'Blind Andy' is a lovely slowpaced, breezy percussive shuffler (close your eyes and feel the sun tickle your skin and lick your eardrums).  Skuggan, also on the A, follows roughly the same delectable recipe, with gentle live guitars thrown in for good measure. The B-side offers two more slices of picture-perfect headnodding gear, reminiscent of The Bubble Club's excellent 'Goddess EP' that came out on International Feel last year. The live guitar and subtle basslines really stand out and the whole EP oozes quality and craftmanship. I usually don't rate hypesheets all that much - I know from experience what an ordeal it is to pen down sales notes - but in this case 'blurring the boundaries between the Balaeric, Psychedelic and Cinematic' is pretty spot on.

As you may know, I'm a bit of a sucker for dreamy, meandering balearica (check this cheeky mix I did a while back) and this EP totally makes me want to dig through the piles for a new lazy sundayafternoon mixing session, which goes to show just how inspiring this release is. Have a listen to clips of the release (they're really short and don't do the release justice to be honest, best head over to your local and listen to the tracks the way they're meant to).

Out soon on 12" vinyl only, and comes in a full colour sleeve designed by Leolyxxx (who makes awesome stuff if you're interested in graphic design, definately worth a google or two).