V.A. We Are VR (Voyeurhythm)

The sun's out and I have the day off: the perfect excuse to head over to Rush Hour, my local retailer of the fine black stuff. I was actually just going in to pick up some old bits I found on their Discogs page (some killer old Theo Parrish tunes) when I spotted Voyeurhythm's latest outing in the 'just in' section. I've said it many times before, but we think Voyeurhythm is one of the most underrated  labels out there at the moment, harbouring a fine bunch of talented producers. So here's the next installment of our 'plugging and pimping all things Voyeurthythm' series.

"We Are VR" is a sampler of sorts, with trusted label stalwarts Ben Sun and Tyson Ballard pitching in a track each, and introducing Francis Inferno Orchestra and DJ HMC (whose alias Late Nite Tuff Guy might ring a bell or two) to the imprint's roster. Ben Sun kicks things off with 'Just Living', a string-drenched deephouser with stuttering vocals, shuffling hats and subtle drums. Senor Sun makes churning out timeless deep house nuggets again and again seem easy...another huge tune by the man that'll be played for years to come (watch these pages for an upcoming review of his Love Momentum EP that out soon on Delusions of Grandeur, which we can safely predict will become one the years biggest releases). Francis Inferno Orchestra sticks to the vintage deephouse theme on the A2 with 'Father Figures', a chuggy and choppy beast of a track. Hadn't heard anything from FIO in a while, good to see him back in action.

Flip over from DJ HMC's analogue boogie squelcher 'Star Trax', which will please the fans of rubbery basslines and 80s claps. It's closing track 'My House' by label boss Tyson Ballard that is the pick of the bunch for me though, a classy, moody, midtempo ride, built around a classic female vocal loop, sharp claps and huge amounts of sub-bass. Can't wait to try this out on a sunkissed sunday afternoon. Another Voyeurhythm essential then.

Pick up a copy here or head over to your local store if there's one around