Common Edit 4 (Common Edit)

After Eddie C's new one on Red Motorbike and the second release on Hristo's Honey Disco, yet another delightful 45 from Canada hits the shops this week, on our favorite Common Edit imprint no less (note to self: convince Dane, Ed and Hristo to release a compilation called Maple Leaf Disco™). We've actually had a copy of this for quite a while (cross-Atlantic testpressing/promo exchange postal system for the win here) so a few kind words about this magnificent little record are definately in order.

If you've picked up any of the other Common Edit releases, you know what to expect by now:  downtempo disco/soul obscurities gently and lovingly reworked, pressed on handstamped 7" vinyl in limited quantities. Secret Lover - new to the Common Edit roster - takes care of the A side here, whose 'My Only Mistake' takes the vintage hiphop route with its broken beats and choppy vocal samples, helped along by a lovely piano line and moody bass. The result is pure audio porn.  Common Edit regular Koosh takes care of the classy 'High Times' on the B side, which sounds like a track from a Blaxploitation soundtrack from the days of yore that's been given a little makeover. Pearl of a 45.

Limited release as always, so pick one up before they're all gone