Dawdle Hustle - High To The Sky (Dawdle Hustle)

The other day, we got an actual job application in here at SB HQ from a business student that was about to graduate and 'eager to work in the music industry and explore the possibilies of social media in order to increase label revenues'. The person in question also indicated she'd be more than happy to move to The Netherlands to work at 'the Amsterdam office of Sleazy Beats'. Getting messages like this, or inquiries about "the possibilities of picking up backstock at our Copenhagen warehouse' always crack me up. The harsh reality is that instead of warehouses and glorious offices with scantily clad interns, we're just a bunch of geeks with kids, dayjobs, an internet connection and unhealthy vinyl-buying habits.

And to add to the geekery, we've been obsessed with twelves from Japan as of late. After an extensive hunt, we finally managed to get two copies of Being Borings on Crue-L right before the end of 2011. Then we got a whiff of Mick's 'Macho Brother', a cheeky deephouser on 10 Inches of Pleasure, which we bagged with a little help from DJ Nozaki, who also steered us towards his Boot Shine Girl EP featuring a bunch of crazy edits. Then there was the small matter of trying to find copies of ML Booster's releases on Who Knows (I think I found the very last copies of vol. 2 & 3...). What all these records have in common, is that they're awesome. They're fun, quirky, made with tender love and care and come with special artwork.  Sadly, they are also all VERY hard to find and definately don't come cheap.

Thank god for Dawdle Hustle then, a newish imprint from Tokyo, which is just as classy as all the labels mentioned above but goes through a UK-based distro and is therefore a lot easier to get a hold of and a lot easier on the wallet too. The first release on DH was a big hit for us (Kris P included 'Sunny Spot' on his outstanding guestmix for A.N.O.E., which you check out here) so we were thrilled to get our hands on their sophomore effort, and it sure doesn't disappoint. As I might have mentioned before, I'm getting a bit tired of hearing all that disco-house-edit-rework dross that relies mostly on heavy compressed drums and a few disco loops, it all sounds really uninspired at the moment. I'm still a huge disco fan, so I've been listening to/buying loads of good old fashioned cut/paste/extend edits with very little to no added production (that's right, the kind of stuff I passed on two/three years ago). This release fits nicely into that category. The Dawdle Hustle crew dusted off three sleazy disco bits, carefully re-arranged & extended them and stuck 'em on a lovely round piece of plastic. It's 'High To The Sky', a chirpy, percussion-heavy sleazy groover on the A that is pick for me, but both tracks on the B are mint as well. If you're into the Common Edit series you'll love this. Essential.

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