Eros - Vol. 3 (Eros)

The third and final release on the cheeky EROS imprint just came out, and while I'll pass on the two cuts on the A-side (there's only so much proto house squeekyness I can handle), the B-side is absolutely bitchin'. Not much info to work with here (and we're definately not going to be party poopers by telling you who's behind these releases) so just a few words about the tracks that are doing it for me instead. The first tune on the B is a sloppy chugger with chopped up vocals and lots of crazy sounds going on (remember those crush effects Leo Zero used on his seminal I Got Soul rework? something along those lines, it's badass). The second track is a dirty little groover that sounds like it was made on a casio in the late 80s, with yet more wailing vocals and a massive analogue bassline. I hardly ever play stuff over the 120 BPM mark but I'll gladly make an exception for this. The short samples on Juno really don't do these two puppies any justice, the full-length tracks are brilliant and the vinyl sounds incredible.

Have a gander/listen here

P.S. If EROS is a new name for you, make sure to check out the first two in the series as well. The Barbara Mason edit on the first EROS has been one of the biggest tunes for us over the past year, always in the bag.