Kid Sublime/Ugly Drums/Jayson Brothers (Faces/MCDE)

A V.A. release with edits. Yes, I can picture your eyes glazing over, what with the disco/edits scene being swamped with mediocre, uninspiring stuff these days. But as with every genre, there's always a bit of the good in between all the bad and ugly. And this 12" on MCDE's Faces imprint can definitely be filed under 'good'. For one, because Kid Sublime makes an appearance on the A side. We've been total fanboys since those ace Basement Works releases came out a few years ago, great to see him back in action here. The backbone of his 'Won't Give You Up', a 120 BPM-ish slice of moody disco is an infectious, gloopy groove and deep bassline, on which a proper diva vocal sample rides back and forth. Add a few massive breakdowns to the mix and Bob's your uncle. Killer tune (and yes, it sounds great pitched down by -4 in case you were wondering).

Flip over for Ugly Drums' "Get Up", a decidedly less housy affair but one of the best cut, paste 'n loop disco/boogie edits I've heard in a while. Not sure what the original is, but the chunky drums and bassline work a real treat. The track doesn't really add up to more than a few loops but it's put together really well and should make for a GREAT set starter. Have a listen here:

 MCDE finishes things off, donning his Jayson Brothers cap and reconstructing Love Supreme. Not quite as good/special as those seminal MCDE releases from a couple years back but a most tasty edit nonetheless. All in all a great record, love it.

Buy a copy here or at your local if there's one around

P.S. It says 'vinyl only release' on the tin (for what it's worth though, as pretty much every 'vinyl only' label has walked over to the dark side last year).