Ben La Desh - Stop That Groove Girl EP (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)

After ten releases on our Sleazy Beats imprint we felt the time was right to start afresh. As much as we love disco and edits, there's no denying it's getting a bit crowded in the 'disco department'. When we realised only a handful of the many, many records that get released each week strike a chord (you know the ones, you listen to the first few bars, start nodding your head, and automatically start reaching for that one credit card that isn't maxed out), it's time to move on.

We're really pleased to introduce the result of much heated discussion, blamestorming and academic analysis: Sleazy Beats Black Ops. We're sticking to our limited vinyl-only policy (no represses, no digital), but as our pal Mark Whyte from Isodisco put it so eloquently, we're going with a 'slight but definite shift in feel and tempo'. Sample heavy, moody tackle for the wee hours. A different kind of disco, nahmean?

A fresh start calls for fresh names, so for our inaugural release we managed to snap up three tracks by Rotterdam's Ben La Desh, whose name you might recognize from a couple of amazing tracks on the oft overlooked Outernational Recordings. Mr. La Desh is an incredibly talented producer, who has mastered that rare thing: a truly unique and original sound of his own. We couldn't be happier with the record he did for us. People we think the world of, like Ali Herron, Lewie Day, Hauke Freer, Cottam, the Kolour Recodings crew and Eddie C have been finding a place for it in their sets lately (thanks guys!) so we hope you'll like it too!

Available as of July 16th in these fine outlets:
Juno / Piccadilly / Phonica / / Oye Records

A big fat thanks goes out to Dragan for supplying the amazing artwork and to Benino for supplying the killer tunes. Next up in the series is a four track EP by Frank Booker, ranging from Theo-esque vibes to 6th Borough-type headnodding fodder. Thanks for all the support everyone!


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