Martin Hayes/Luvless/M.ono - Various Three (Rose Records)

If you haven't been keeping frantically up to date on all things fresh and tasty in the world of disco and house during these dog-days of summer then there's a good chance you may have missed the news that our Leipzig based brothers over at the mysterious Rose Records camp have released another killer record. Hey, it happens! It's summertime. Starting out with their maiden voyage last year, these guys are doing things nice and slowly - with two releases under their belts so far (I believe we've covered both of them here on the blog) that have been delightfully fresh, and this third venture keeps with the same proper vibe. Recipe is similar for Rose03: three lovely tracks by three lovely and talented souls, M.ono, Luvless and Martin Hayes. 250 copies hand-numbered. Right then, on to the music.

Martin Hayes kicks off and hogs the A side with 'When The Underdog is Hungry', a deep synthy workout laden with movie vocal samples that shimmers along with ease. Warm, lush and full, this tune will go down a treat on a large system and would be a great set starter we reckon. Up next on the B is M.ono's cut, 'The Beggalicious Anthem No. 2' - a journey through slightly more filter house territory that makes great use of vocal cut-ups and a really top build-up; if this isn't one for the packed dancefloor we don't know what is.

Finally we get to Luvless's cut, entitled 'My Heart', a heavyduty piano-backed midtempo chugger of the highest variety. Punchy congas, tight tambourine and shaker placements sit alongside a great long text-vocal about the trials and tribulations of love - possibly placing it in future classic category. So damn good. Awesome tracks all round and another winner from Rose that we're loving and supporting 100%. Congrats on another big release guys <3

Grab it HERE, and check the awesome promo video with snippets of all 3 tracks below:


  1. Great video...I think that record is laying around here too.

  2. Hey a soundcraft UREI! Great mixers, I have Bozak AR6 and I LUUUUURVE it. Many a Sleazy record has gone through its circuits.


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