Sir Own - Hooked (Kon's Nite Time rmx) [Gold Finger 001]

Well I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that as a label with a penchant for (good) edits we'd kinda be numpties if we didn't cover what is possibly one of the most clever, most fun and most deservedly-hyped reworks of the summer of 2012. What we've got here is a rather triumphant and perhaps dare I say quintessential summertime/daytime party tune. Cerrone's 1981 masterpiece 'Hooked On You' is in the blender here and the recipe is quite simple really - keep that that timeless bassline and rhodes and let things float along effortlessly with Jocelyn Brown's lovely vocal's in charge - the thing just works wonders there's no question. Be prepared to hear this at all the major parties and festivals for the remainder of the summer where there's sun, dancing and booze involved. Pure hands in the air stuff. If it ain't a perfect tune for this kinda setting then we don't know what is... 

 She comes pressed up on what is becomming one of our favourite labels in the past year, Swedish based 'Basic Fingers' (this is the first in their 'Gold Fingers' series). Their Jamaican Girl Ep hasn't left our bag since it came out. This one's been squashed and sliced in limited quantities on one-sided, GOLD (!) marbled wax. Already gone from most if not all shops, so you're really looking at discogs as your only/best bet at this juncture folks...that's where I found mine (hats off Ed!).

PS Happy 4th of July to our friends across the pond!


  1. I'm pretty sure there is no original track by Sir Own called 'Hooked'- this track is simply a reworking of Cerrone's 'Hooked on You', with "Sir Own" being a pseudonym - a play on words based on mispronouncing "Cerrone" ( Cerr - one ).
    Beautiful work though & bound to become a bit of a classic !


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