Suzanne Kraft - Horoscope (Young Adults)

After keeping this new Suzanne Kraft ep locked on rotation for the past couple of days I've come to the conclusion that it's nothing short of spectacular. We reviewed his debut ep on Running Back a little over a year ago, then his tune on Young Adults that dropped only recently. Now we're treated to another wonderful package again on LA based Young Adults, "Horoscope'' that admitedly - are not all 100% thrilling and thumping - but are all quite special and could easliy occupy a time and place in the span of a night. Plus when there's 7 tracks to choose from, 5 originals and 2 great remixes - you can't expect them all to be smashing beasts, but you wouldn't quite expect that from Suzanne now anyway would you?

I think that where the entire Green Flash EP was on the whole quite full, all 4 tracks; a couple of cuts on this album are perhaps a tad more computerized and dare I say minimal and transparent...whether or not this is a good thing is a completely subjective matter of course. An good example of this I think is heard on 'Ritmo' with its oddly stuttering synth and hi-hat snips that energize the track over a second batch of moodier keynotes that take over intermittently, and a lazy 3 tone, old school sounding bassline.  'Feel' stands out with its odd-beat time signature, tripping up your rhythm as you ride the vibes of the flute and sustained keynotes. This tune gets revisited with a big-beat, bongo-laden mix later in 'Max D's Raw Flute Swing'. Both are tiptop, and will surely be well-received; the original is where I'll keep my money here though. 'Crest' is a beautiful mellow intermission in the soup - barely breaking the 100 bpm barrier and visits the svelte land of balearica: what sounds like plucked harp and guitar lines glow amidst subtle bass. Lush tune if there ever was one - if you close your eyes you can picture the palms swaying. 'No Worries' is a top tune that I'd break out at peak time. Tidy, bouncy bass and an anthemic synths repeat and build to a sweet climax, breakdown and ze drop - at which point you'd be spilling your pint everywhere with all the hands-in-the-air and discofinger business that would undoubtedly ensue. A deeper electronic and perhaps conservative version of the cut is revisited in the Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha) remix, incorporating the help of some xylophone sounding bits and subdued keys. Finally though, we reckon the title track 'Horoscope' is our pic - another tireless escapade through breezy guitar land, completed near the end of the tune by a distorted and high-pitched vocal that wraps things up nicely. Proper track and a prime example of why we love Suzanne Kraft's stuff so much. 

This one's gettin' hyped up left right and center so it's gonna be big, 12” is out in a couple quick. Digital out a couple weeks later, but spring for the vinyl though...obviously!