Box Aus Holz - BAH04

It's saturday morning and I have a bitchin' hangover (don't let the Belgians fool you, Jupiler is in fact Lucifer's urine specifically designed to make you feel like a wet noodle) so I'll keep this short, but the new Box Aus Holz record is out, it's big and it's superlimited, so I'd best get on with it.

We cottoned on to the Box Aus Holz camp (which simply means 'wooden box' in case your German is a bit rusty) a couple of months ago when we stumbled upon their soundcloud page and heard clips of of BAH03, an amazing EP with tracks by Gilbert Graef, Curl and Hot Sotu. Originally an Oye Records (Berlin) exclusive and limited to 200 copies, I was very lucky to snatch up one of the few copies Juno got sent. The producers on the record were all new names for me, but all seem to have a serious knack for crafting moody and broody midtempo deephouse with just the right amount of grit and just the right amount of soul.

Luckily we didn't have to wait too long for a follow up, which hit Oye Records a week or two ago and it's another belter. Label boss Graeff kicks things off alongside Labuzinski with the aptly titled 'Madly', a chunky samplefest with clever use of a Gap Band loop, MPC beats, hip hop breaks and even some jazz keys. Can't wait to start a set with this track, should even get the Ket heads to crack a smile.

The other track on the A,'Trash Ludi', is an altogether moodier affair with loads of bottom end, sharp hats and some mean synth action. One of those tracks that gets better every time you listen to it, class stuff. Flip over for the equally dark and ace 'It's Not Over' and the wonky disco workout 'Duke' by The Ivory Boy (a name you should know by now if you've been reading these pages).

Another great, great record then, which you'll want to buy before you slap yourself when the discogs vultures ask 50+ for it. So head over to Oye, one of the world's finest record shops, and treat yourself to something very special indeed (make sure to check and see if they have any copies of Eddie C's Aim left, it's the only shop outside of Japan that has this amazing twelve)

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  1. No wonder I missed that one! Juno puts it under "Minimal/Tech" WTF!? Next time remove ear plugs first, Juno!

    PS: "Box aus Holz" literally means "Box made of wood"

  2. Love this stuff. Gonna grab a copy of BAH004 asap but gutted I missed 003. Blogging a record that's out of stock already is just cruel )-;

    1. They are going to do a repress probably of the BAH003...keep checkng there FB page for more info...

  3. Fuck I didn't even realize it had hit Juno...


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