J.Deep & D.Castillo - Dead as Disco Vol 2

We've been worthless bloggers these past months, it's seems like forever since I last put up a review here. Which is silly, as the end of the summer seems to coincide with an incessant stream of amazing records being released and I've been buying shedloads of 'em. There's a pearl of a new release on Box of Holz, Eddie C made a truely magical record for Crue-L, Whiskey Disko signed four killer tracks by YSE and the Kolour crew have something really special in the works as well. We'll try to cover all of these in the next few days/weeks, and we'll give you a proper update on where we are with the Black Ops series too (our sophomore effort by trusted Mr. Booker will be out really soon!). But first, let's sink our teeth into the second release on the US based Dead as Disco imprint that'll see the light of day by the end of the month. This new edits label is set up by J Deep and D Castillo (the former has done stuff for Deeper Sound Edits and the latter is affiliated with the excellent Shoes camp) who both take care of one side of the record.

Yes, I know, starting an edits label anno 2012 seems about as smart as making eye contact while eating a banana in public, but the four tracks on offer here - and the first release too for that matter - are really quite great and these seasoned producers obviously know what they're doing. What makes these tracks really stand out is the gentle and respectful way they've been retouched and re-arranged. Thankfully no tired 'big drums over four sets of loops' action here (which really shouldn't be called disco, it's 'funky house' with better samples) but understated, warm drums and basslines and clever, subtle chops and loops. D Castillo takes care of the A side, which starts with 'For Your Love', which is a lovely edit but has been reworked so many times before it fails to really grab me. It's Vhibrations that is the pick of this side, a slick rework of a late 80s sounding casio-R'n'B slow burner that works a real treat. No idea what the source material is but it's as sleazy as they come.

Flip over for two tracks by Josh Deep. 'Set Free' is a delicious midtempo chugger with rough and chunky drums and proper choppy vocals. I've heard (parts of) the same vocal sample used before (can't remember which record for the life of me, something on Philpot maybe?) but J Deep has created an alltogether different - and warm and fuzzy - beast here. Closing track Coolit is a rework of Walter Jackson's magnificent and tender 'It's Cool',  which has been rejigged in a subtle, tasteful and respectful matter. Perfect warmup/bar/beach gear, highly recommended.

Out soon, on 12" vinyl only, so don't sleep on it disco tigers!