Andy Ash - White Leaf EP (Fly By Night Music)

A few days ago we got a mailer in from Fly By Night Music, who kindly sent us their debut release, an EP by Andy Ash with Moodymanc on remix duties. Even though vinyl sales are definately in a slump these days (hipsters buying re-issues of Nick Drake's Pink Moon in droves don't really reflect the state of the industry), not a day seems to go by without the launch of a new record label trying to push some fresh music. And while hearing big jocks publicy slating digital promos seriously makes me cringe - "oh the horror of getting through 80+ promos..." - seriously fellas, people are lovingly sending you free music, stop moaning - I have to admit getting an actual promo 12" in the mail for reviewing purposes is really refreshing, especcially when the music happens to be top drawer.

Check out the nice little preview/trailer for the release below to get into the swing of things while we babble on below:

It's not the first time Andy Ash makes an appearance on these pages. The man's been quietly carving out his own little musical niche over the past year, creating bassheavy, disco-infused deephouse with a raw edge for the likes of L.E.S.S., Stillove4music, Boogie Originals and Quintessentials. We covered his recent release on On the Prowl on On The Prowl a while ago, which is still in heavy rotation over here. The Fly By Night Music crew mananged to snap up two tunes by the talented Liverpudnian for the label's inaugural release. Title track White Leaf is a classy slice of rolling deephouse with badass drums, moody chords, a male vocal loop and loads of bottom end. It instantly brings back memories of those ace US imports that came out in the late 90s on labels like Icon or Seasons. Flip over for the deeper than deep, drumheavy '500 Motor'. Once the bassline drops you're locked in for good. It's Moodymanc's remix of White Leaf that is my pick of the bunch though. Building on Andy's ace drums, he adds some mean synth lines and general oomph to great effect. Both the original and the remix of White Leaf are quite uptempo, but still sound badass when pitched down a little. Great first release on a very promising label.

Pick up a copy of the record here

No idea whether this will get a digital release as well but good music deserves a spot in your vinyl collection anyways now doesn't it?


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