Eddie C On A Remix Binge

Okay, so originally I was going to do a juicy write-up on Eddie C's amazing 'Aim' 12" that came out on the achingly cool (and achingly expensive) Crue-L Records, but as someone recently pointed out it's bad form to blog about records that are sold out or incredibly hard to find, I changed my mind. (See, we DO listen to your yapping guys!). There's two brand new records that feature the unmistakable talents of Senor Cee on remix duties though, so I figured I'd be a good scribe and cover those instead. Both of them just got released and both of them are incredible records that in all fairness deserve their own proper review, but being the lazy schmuck I am I figured I might as well combine the two and feel good about myself again for at least a few days.

First up is the inaugural release on 7 Music Black, a new offshoot of the Belfast based imprint that is run by the fellas behind South West Seven. The idea behind this sister label is to create an outlet for things a little more deep, dubby and disco. Autodeep (who's done some killer stuff for the likes of Dikso) dove into the studio with vocalist Deepchild (of Future Classic fame) to create the beast that is "Virgin Killer", a moody, twisted, dark excursion on a midtempo tip that will squeeze every last drop out of your bass bins. Deepchild's vocals work a real treat here (no idea what he's on about to be honest, but I bet it has to do with killing virgins, the poor things).
The original is ace but it's Eddie's dubbier reconstruction that's causing the semis in our pants here. Warm drums, shuffling hats, swirly synth lines and spaced out pads turn the original in a fuzzy beatdown disco monster. Eddie's clever use of parts of the vocal seals the deal here. The 7 Music lads should expect the licensing requests to come rolling in by the dozens, big big release.

That's not all though. There's also the small matter of a new release on Rest! Music, Phil Decker and Herb LF's fledgling imprint. A little while ago we singled them out as one of the year's most exciting new labels, and with their third release they further cement their place in the world of beatdown badassery. The release at hand, "Something Special" by Russian producer/songstress Elina Monova is nothing short of spectacular. Five tracks on offer here, all original productions, all featuring the fine tonsils of Ms Monova. The emotive and simply beautiful title track immediately sets the mood. Lights out, eyes closed, eternal bliss. Eddie C flips the beatless orgininal on its back and transforms it into a chugtastic, bottom-end heavy dancefloor missile while keeping the classy vocal in tact. Throw Ed's trademark hats on top of that and presto: a track that grooves like the proverbial bastard. The rest of the EP is top notch too, with Herb LF's deeper than deep remix of Desert Storm tickling my pickle in particular. I can only imagine the damage this would do on a large system. To top it off there's the wonky, gloopy "l'Amant" complete with Russian (?) vocals. Pearl of a record with really nice artwork on the sleeve, should be a big seller for the Rest! crew.

We once dubbed Eddie C 'Canada's Crownprince of Disco'. We can now safely call him disco/deephouse royalty. He's friggin' awesome that's what he is.

Buy Autodeep's Virgin Killer here
Buy Elina Monova's Something Special here


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