Das Volt - Rose EP (Late Night Audio)

I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this new record on Late Night Audio since early 2011 when snippets of the Mark E remix of 'Out of Phase' first surfaced. LNA had just released Toby Tobias' Macasu EP (one of my favorite records of the past few years) and I was obsessed with everything Mark E touched back then. I'm not sure what happened next, but the release got pushed back and samples disappeared for what seemed like an eternity. All was quiet on the western front, and I forgot all about it, untill I saw snippets of it pop up on the 'coming soon' website of distribution channel Above Board a while ago (yes I know this is me admitting I'm a superdork for checking sites like that). It was with great joy I finally pulled it out of a mailer last week and played it in its full glory for the first time.

The Mark E mix of 'Out of Phase' that got me all weak in the knees back in 2011 hasn't lost any of its mesmerizing power. If you like the stuff Mark E did when he just left the edit business behind him and right before he went all italo-techno, you're going to love this phased out journey. I'm not going to try and describe it, best give the tune a listen below:

Meanwhile, the original of 'Out of Phase' by Das Volt is pretty spectacular in its own right, with multiple synth lines lovingly layered over crisp drums and a squelchy bassline. I can only imagine how amazing this must sound over a big soundsystem. If you liked Steef's recent record on Toy Tronics this should be right up your alley. Have a listen to a short clip below.

There's two more tracks on offer, 'Spanish Fly' and 'Cruisin'. Both follow roughly the same recipe as 'Out of Phase' and are pleasant enough, if a bit more formulaic/forgettable. The title track and Mark E's incredible reconstruction make this a timeless record though. It also comes in a full-colour LP sleeve with proper artwork and as far as I know Late Night Audio is a vinyl-only imprint, which should please our fellow wax collectors. Highly recommended.

Pick up a copy here