Niccolò Cupo - Logos (Panta Rhei)

Hard to agree on which trend is hitting harder these days -  the whole cheeky handstamp thing or every champ and his dog going nuts with 90s chords (we solely vow to continue to poke fun at this till the cows come home BTW). In any case the former manner of producing records renders things a) cheap and b) yet still with a lovely minimal yet extremely personal touch - something we find very special. We heart finding an obscure label that has just popped up out of nowhere with nothing to go by except a name and a stamped logo on a white label center sticker.

This is exactly what we have come across just the other day with Niccolò Cupo's new 7" slice on new imprint Panta Rhei. Niccolò is a Dusseldorf-based producer with a couple of releases under his belt to date over the past couple of years, but this one stands out above the rest. White label complete with badass golden snake/dragon stamp logo, obscure artist, and two amazing bits of music. Oh and did we mention this is a lovely little 7"? Deal gets even better. Click to hear the first track below while you read on, dear reader, and I'll try to do it justice in a brief description.  
Side A, 'Essentia' starts off super diluted and slow at just above 100bpm, and moodier than your brooding teenage Greenday fan from the 90s. Super megasoft 8 minute long pads (the good kind), awesome female vocal and crisp drums and hard snares build and build till eventually bam - the track ends, seriously leaving you wanting more. Niccolò turns up the tempo but keeps things still dubby as hell for the ride on the B 'Nativitas', complete with soft-ish pads again but with a mood that's a bit more late night/early morning house action. Genuine Dub lazer sounds imported straight from JA, cowbell, and piano riff complete this package extremely nicely.
Extra limited pressing of this one, only 105 copies in all existence, so refrain from any form of slumber! Wax only, be quick vinyl f(r)iends. has some HERE 


  1. This is really nice man. You gotta admit 90's chords are hot rightnow. I've been playing a lot of early house records lately so the resurge in new vinyl with that sound is helpful. Gonna go cop this record now. Excellent written review as always.


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