Space Coast - Vibe AM (Lost Paradise)

The sophomore release on Sleazy McQueen's new Lost Paradise imprint came out a few weeks ago and it's one of our favorite bits of wax to have come out in 2013 so far. Alongside curating the excellent Whiskey Disco series (keep an eye out for the soon to drop nr. 17, which comes with 4 absolutely bitchin' tracks), McQueen has created Lost Paradise as an outlet for his new project 'Space Coast'. The sound he and co-pilot Collazo are pushing with Space Coast is best described as wobbly post-disco acid deep house (all makes sense now doesn't it?). Title track 'Vibe AM', a midtempo chugger with a rubbery bassline, muffled steel drums and a moody muted flute, and the hypnotizing acidic technoid closing tune 'Can't get enough' showcase the full extent of the considerable sonic capabilities of the pairing.

As ace as both tracks are, they both get completely snowed under by the stunning remix of Vibe AM Social Disco Club has turned in. Back when we first got properly into disco and edits, Humberto Mattias' SDC moniker was omnipresent, but we sort of lost track of him over the past years. We were completely taken by surprise by this here re-rub of Vibe AM,  which leans heavily towards the sound of classy 90s westcoast house (think Migs/Blue Six/Naked Music in their halcyon days), lovingly incorporating the flute samples of the original track while adding lush pads and seriously driving percussion and drums to create a slice of timeless deephouse. We started a recent mixtape with this track and it's easily the tune we got the most track ID requests for. Absolute monster of a tune on a strong twelve, go seek!

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  1. original and sdc remix are my pick.

    thanks for the review.


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