Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy - Fasaan Disco Specials No.1 - Midnight Cruise EP (Fasaan Recordings)

Seems just the other day we were blathering on about bad form with hyping records that have been out for a while, but at the same time what to do when stuff SO good slips over our heads? This happens. I mean we're literally up to our ears in baby puke m'kay so can't be trolling the net for fresh records 24/7 now can we? Prins Emmanuel & Golden Ivy, and Fasaan Records are completely new names for us so I suppose it's no surprise that this one went under our radar. Fact is these guys are straight outta Malmo Sweden and are producing some of the freshest disco and heads-down beatdown stuff we've heard in a straight minute. Their new 12", 'Midnight Cruise Ep' shows a broad range of their talent through the bpm spectrum over the three tracks, labeled Midnight Cruise 1, 2, & 3. What's more is these guys are playing all their own instruments - yep live disco band in the house. Fresh like a brand new bakery, delightful stuff that we get all uncomfortable listening to - and I mean that in a good way of course. Czech: The first cut takes the entire a side with good reason being the more uptempo erm, "banger" of the bunch, with a loads of elements: superloose live drumkick, loads of secondary percussion, fat sloppy bassline, piano, strings and a slidewhistle reminiscent of one half of the one used on Groove Is In The Heart. All of these are placed together with such precision and played so well that the tune doesn't seem congested at all, on the contrary it sounds amazingly open. Been shuffling around the living room to this one for a while now, can't wait to play it out.   
Two tracks up for grabs on the bside, one mid-tempo and one slow groover that follow the same vein but slightly subdued and darker vibes. Don't get me wrong - both cuts are packed with dollops of gloop-tastic basslines, bongo action and keys throughout, both tunes chugalug to no end. The first one is a darker ride, second being more of a dubtastic journey through jittery synth-land, with stucatto bass plucks and with light keys throughout to lighten the mood. Both aseriously ace warmup and/or morning choppers that are pimped and primed for maximum carnage.

Think this limited affair has sold out everywhere except Snickars Records in stockholm. Visit their Discogs shop to snap one up HERE, and be sure to keep up with these guys via their Soundcloud page: Fasaan Recordings.