Ben La Desh - Rebound Round EP (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)

**update** just got word that the release sold out from the distributor within three days, so if you want a copy we'd suggest getting on soonish before they're all gone...

Pimping our own releases on here always feels a tad wrong (like having a bit of a wank in front of a mirror) so we'll keep this short and sweet, but we have a new record out and we're really excited about it. It's another release by Ben La Desh, who found inspiration for the tracks on 'The Rebound Round EP' in vintage swaying 90s hiphop, deep African grooves and moody favela flavours. It's one of those records that gets better with every listen and totallly sucks you in when you take the time to sit down and have a proper listen. So we recommend you do exactly that: sit down, put on your cans, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

Have a listen to snippets of the tracks here:

Available at all the usual spots in limited quantities (500 copies, no repress, no digital), so either head over to your local dealer of the black stuff or check out the likes of Juno, Piccadilly, Oye or Clone.