Jack Fell Down - Another Way EP (Manucci's Mistress)

I'm sure you know the feeling: it's silly o'clock, you're almost at the end of your set and that last beer hit you just a tad bit harder than you expected it to. You had a track in mind to go with the banger that's blaring over the system and the floor seems to really dig, but you can't find it in your bag for the life of you. Meanwhile, you can sense the needle getting dangerously close to the last few bars of the track. You're frantically rifling through your record bag trying to find a decent track, public humiliation and booing is nigh and then BAM it happens: a mustache and a pair of shades peek at you cheekily. Sccucci Manucci to the rescue. After a string of V.A. releases, featuring lovely slow nuggets by Zoo Look, gloopy disco by The Glue, chunky midtempo tackle by Francis Inferno Orchestra and deeper than deep chuggy business by Sahin Meyer and a host of other talented producers, we've developed a bit of a mancrush for he that is also known as 'the tache'. Needless to say it was a bit exciting to hear about the launch of Manucci's Mistress, Sccucci's slightly darker and kinkier sister-imprint, which got off to a great start with a pair of classy deephouse tracks by newcomers Silk 86.

We kindly got sent a copy of 'Another Way' by Jack Fell Down, the sophomore release on the label for reviewing purposes (thanks again for sending it over James!) on lovely 10" vinyl in a handstamped sleeve. The Jack Fell Down chaps made quite an impression with their recent emission on the 'Home Taping is Killing Music' label and sure don't disappoint here. If you were big into raving in the 90s and like things big, bad and a bit manic, the B-side is for you with its mad vocals, ravey stabs and vintage chords. It's not for the faint of heart and not something I'd play but I can see this going completely off in a packed club. If you like things on a moodier, deeper tip, head straight for Road to Nowhere on the A side, our pick of the EP. It's a deep, chuggy beast of a track with vintage chords and a killer, relentless groove. It reminds me of the classy bits of house US imprints like After Hours and Viva used to put out over a decade ago. Top stuff, in the bag for next weeks' gig, can't wait to try it out. Instead of a tache, a kinky whip will come to the rescue at some point, I can smell it...

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