Luv Thang (Genius of Time Edit) - Verktyg

Just got back from a weekend in lovely Berlin, where I got to stop by Oye Records for a bit of a dig. What an amazing little store with superfriendly staff, I actually felt welcome in a record shop for a change, quite refreshing (take note, douchebag hipsters looking bored/mildy annoyed when people walk into your store ready to spend their hard-earned cash, that 'look' may not be the best way to keep your business afloat). Alongside some new stuff (Max Graef on Tartelet and that Hot Pot Edits thing) I mostly picked up some older bits we missed the first time around (Mystery Meat, Kojak Giant Sounds, Nocturnal and some other classy twelves). I also got my hands on a copy of Verktyg01 though, the first release on a new vinyl-only edit outlet for reworks set up by the Genius of Time fellas. There's a big chance you've already heard (of) Luv Thang, the cut on the A side, as loads of people have been after this since it first surfaced on Youtube about a year ago and it seems to be properly blowing up at the moment. It's quite odd this edit is getting so much hype actually, as First Choice's original 'Love Thang' has been reworked a billion times before and the tune on the B doesn't do all that much. Yet I have it on good authority that it's Oye's best selling record ever (yeah that's right Inspector Norse you just got shat on by Fist Choice). So what's the deal here then?

I have three possible explanations for the overnight succes of this edit:
1) To paraphrase Larry Ballstein of Ball's Models fame: The Genius of Time boys are so hot right now they could take a crap in a tin foil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings. Their recent and amazing Boilerroom performance will only further add to the hype.
2) It's vinyl only and sold as a limited release, which seems to really get the discogs vultures going these days. It also comes in a neat white sleeve with a red handstamped stickfigure, which makes it an alluring package.
3) It's simply an absolute monster of an edit, using a few 'drumz 'n clapz' loops from the second half of the original to create a badass intro that works its way towards the first breakdown, in which the Swedish GOT lads tease us with parts of the familiar vocal and then BAM it's loose and heavy synths action galore for the remainder of the ride. It's absolutely and utterly irresistible, even though it shouldn't be. Love it.

Oye sold out of their stock just now so if you don't want to miss this, order one from Phonica now or forever hold your peace


  1. The reason I like this edit so much is that G.O.T. took those familiar drums and claps you refer to but they left out the obvious bass guitar loop that is in all the other remixes and edits. So basically they took an extremely well known disco cut and made it sound fresh and original. Those often turn out to be the best edits, right?
    My copy is still crossing the Atlantic on its way to Cali which hopefully you make it out here; SF welcomes you!


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