OFFMSG/Tee Mango - Millionhands Edits Vol 2

The lads behind the well respected t-shirt brand Millionhands (famous for their collabs with Wolf Music and Tusk Wax) have been dipping their toes in a new market, setting up two vinyl imprints no less under the Millionhands flag late last year. Earlier on I dropped them a line to see if they were up for doing a Sleazy Beats t-shirt together but sadly never heard back from them. Being the touchy Nancy I am that meant I subsequently shunned their releases when they first surfaced, until a few weeks ago someone suggested I should really check out the second release on the Millionhands Black/Edit label. It took all but a few minutes to listen and bag a copy over at Clone, the last place that seemed to have a copy in stock. So there, I got over my petty self, now please send me a medal.

On with the music: two tracks on offer here, the A-side being a  killer 'lights-go-out, heat-goes-up' basement beatdown edit of Roy Ayer's Chicago by OFFMSG, who is a new name for us. It's a chuggy midtempo beast that loops up the right bits of Ayer's classic, adds loads of oomph to the brew, sprinkles some spooky synths and cleverly weaves in bits and pieces of that familiar vocal. Bit of a belter this, highly recommended.

Flip over for Tee Mango's chunky, gloopy rendition of Nu Yorican's 'I Am The Black Gold of the Sun'. The chunky drums and synth stabs work a real treat with the piano loops from the original, creating a groove with a major badass factor, even if the tune gets a bit repetitive after a few minutes. Lovely stuff that will be equally at home in a headnodding house set as in a leftfield disco one. Exactly the way we like 'em.

Great stuff from these cotton overlords then, curious to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves. Limited run of 450, all handnumbered, handstamped (black on black, never seen that before) and comes in a protective sleeve with a sticker thrown in for good measure.

Head over to Discogs for a copy, there's still a couple available for normal prices.