Begin - Here Comes The Sun (Begin)

Having just taken custody of a whackload of new records at the post today, as per usual I'm feeling like a giddy kid at christmas. All slabs ace, no unexpected duds this time (hate when that happens) so I'm happy...but there's one producer in the pile that's been turning my head for a while now that I feel we need to talk about. We tend to buy about half n' half disco/house heaters combined with beatdown, warmup, home listening fodder, & the mighty Begin aka James Holroyd falls under the latter category. His dreamy choons are some of the mightiest around in his genre and I dare say no record collection is complete without at least one of his 12"s.

Let's face it, the words 'sun-drenched' and 'blissed-out balearic' are thrown around a helluva lot these days, but let's call a spade a spade here, these tracks are just that type o' stuff. 'Here Comes The Sun' follows the same formula as the first 5 in the series: sub 100 bpm cuts that wobble and shimmer and are pretty much perfect for a summer's day warmup set off by the beach. Kicking off is 'Here Comes the Sun', a seriously short and sweet cut at barely over 4 mins (runout groove is actually longer than the track!). Bongos and subdued snares are enveloped by strumming acoustic riffs and female vocal that combine to create a mega-masterpiece in our world. Don't sleep, ever. Just listen to this on repeat and you'll be in like slim.
Flip over for 'Help Me', another warm and tropical track that floats along with trumpet stabs and soft pads galore before the beat kicks in at the half (a slow and steady disco chug no less) and drives it home with another vocal that really ices the cake. Just plain laaaavely. Do your record collection a nice favour and snatch up a copy here and bask in all its balearicism. Or something like that. Trust me you'll be a better person having this in your collection