Popular People's Front - Might Even Dance (Disco Deviance)

The dirty Disco Deviance team rolls out the red carpet for a big new release that's got our panties in a twist, as it's by none other than the enigmatic Popular People's Front - a couple of lads whose music we've been lovin' and records we've been buying for ages now, most notably their own PPF white label and limited series releases. So, to have them now appear on mighty DD - a label we've also had a lusting love affair with in the past is a bit of a big deal for us.

 Two reworks on offer here, that are cut loud at 45bpm for dj use and are primped and primed to cause a serious ruckus on the floor. First up on the chopping block is Five Special 1979 hit single 'Why Leave Us Alone' that has been morphed into 'Might Even'. As expected, PPF opt  to capture only the grits of the original, creating a mighty 80's disco/electro boogie beast. The most catchy parts of the vocals are left intact but are free to roam alongside a gurgling acidesque, rub bassline, glorious as-can-be discostrings and ace guitar twangin'.

The B-side won't be my go-to cut as just doesn't quite tick all the boxes for me, but time and place, horses for courses and so on. What we're looking at here is a slightly more playable version of Love Parasite by Fab Parasite - the 80s New Wave/synthdustrialist artist otherwise known as Frank Tovey. The end result is a badass protohouse sounding edit - a minimal and spaced out rendition of the original, with toughened up drums and emphasis on the industrial bassline and chimes.
This 12" we believe is a top example of the masterful skills of Popular People's Front, and one that any discerning fan needs to add to cart immediately.

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