Typesun - Last Home (DJ Nature rmx) / Boogie Futuro

The second release on Boogiefuturo, Future Boogie's cheeky sister imprint, is the kind of record we love to stumble upon and cover on here. I don't really follow Future Boogie to be honest (the popular house label's output is a bit too easy on the boogie for my tastes) and the first record on Boogiefuturo by B+S definitely wasn't for me, as I hate housed-up R'n B edits/bootlegs with a fierce passion. Mention DJ Nature though and we'll immediately prick up our ears, so when a youtube vid of his remix of a track called 'Last Home' by Typesun started doing the rounds we quickly cottoned on.

The original by Typesun was the opening act of a recent compilation on Futureboogie, celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I hadn't heard 'Last Home' before but it's really really good downtempo tackle: lush melancholic strings, a  soft bongo line setting a leisurely pace, with tambourine hits, woodblock percussion and muted trumpets weaving in an out in perfect balance. It's reminiscent of Paul Hunter's old releases on Guidance Recordings, which I was a huge fan of back then. DJ Nature's remix on this new handstamped and numbered 12" stays really close to the delightful original. To a certain extent I suppose it's more edit than remix, as it sounds like the Golf Channel captain - whose recent LP is still in heavy rotation over here - executed a few nips and tucks and gently re-arranged the composition but didn't add much production. The result is a slightly scruffier version that leaves all the good parts of the original in tact but adds a bit more oomph and chug and squeezes every last drop of soul out of those lovely strings. I got the record in yesterday and have been playing this track virtually non-stop ever since, it's really special stuff. Have a listen to a clip below:

Flip over for Admin's 'Gold Soul', a shimmering moody deephouse cut that wouldn't have been out of place on a Luv Unlimited release with its warm pads, sharp drums and sweet synth lines. A great little extra for a phenomenal A side.

The record seems to be sold out at all the usual haunts so head over to your local merchant and see if they have one left, or keep an eye out for copies to appear on Discogs.