Rainer Trueby - Ayer's Rock / To Know You (White)

Well yep you sure can say there's been a bit of a 'summer slump' in the vinyl market these days - so meanwhile back at the ranch we're reaching deep into our shelves for lost and forgotten goodies of yore, but also snatching some bits we've missed off Discogs. One such massive gem is one we've been after for what seems like ages: Ayer's Rock/To Know You by Rainer Trueby. I've been watching this 12" on that devilish website for the past year or so for prices to come down but no dice, and so then last week decided enough was enough with not owning a copy and kindly did the needful. Spent a bit too much but hey - you got to pay to play sometimes right?

What we're looking at here is essentially a collab between the very talented Rainer Trueby and none other than Mr. Danilo Plessow of MCDE fame. I'm overjoyed to own both tracks - as both are extremely playable in their own right. Ayer's Rock is a dark and stormy brew with classic handclaps, rhodes tinkling, and female vocal snips that come together in a legendary fashion. The flip however is where I've put my hard earned dollars. To Know You is the standout cut, that shines with its quirky string arrangements and rubberized low-end, funk-bass and 808 squelches, topping it all off with a great line from Stevie Wonder. What the track lacks I know not - it's truly a thing of beauty and well worth hunting down for any collector. Only regret is not going for it earlier. Have a listen above and grab a shiny copy of your own on the 'Cog if you dig it as well.


  1. I may do the same on that hard to find cottam ep. Make sure to change it from wantlist to collection. That's always satisfying! :)


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