Seven Heaven - Common Edits & Nicolo Cuppo

Apologies for the lack of news round here, but we were having some trouble with blogger's 'dynamic view' settings (read: the whole thing was completely borked, we lost all our settings and artwork). So here we are, back where we were in 2009. And while all the distros and shops are slowly but surely getting back on track after the summer lull, we're bracing ourselves for our next Black Ops 12", which is due to drop next week. We'll come back to that record somewhere in the next week, but wanted to share two gorgeous 45s with you that found their way to our doorstep this month.

First up is the sixth missive on Dane's delightful and hugely collectable Common Edits label. Joining Dane on this one is his pal and our unsung hero Eddie C. They both take care of one side of this lovely little seven. Dane kicks things off with Sweet Nothing, a glorious dusty uptempo disco shuffler, propelled forward by crisp drums, combined with off-kilter percussion and spacey sounds and sweeps. I have no idea what the source material is but images of vintage blaxploitation films come to mind. Magical stuff.

Flip over for Eddie C's 'Jupiter Dub', a deliciously cheeky stoner-rock chugger. Wailing electric guitar riffs over shuffly hats and some short vocal stabs make for a magnificent curveball of a tune. The beards are going to lap this up like there's no tomorrow. Not sure when one would play it out, but who cares, this is why it's fun to collect record. God I love these Common Edits records, they're the best.

Have a listen/buy here

The second seven we got in the mail (and again, huge thanks for sending these over, such a treat!) is Niccolo Cuppo's second outing on his own superlimited Panta Rhei label (only 101 copies available). The Dusseldorf-based producer follows up on a great debut (which we covered on here a while ago) with a lovely 7-inch chunk of white vinyl, featuring 'Benigna luno regret terram hominum', a hypnothizing little bastard of a low-slung track that is impossible to categorize. Warm deephouse pads, sharp electronic claps, technofied synths, classic piano lines, a proper odd mix of elements that somehow works a real treat. Have a listen below, it's awesome.

Have a listen/buy here


  1. that track was so awesome. Exactly the feel i'm looking to buy right now

    1. (which also includes like all of your records ;)

  2. just came in the mail today. awesome is right. Thanks for the tip!

  3. did you guys checkout out this release? pretty nice


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