Keyboard Masher - KM Editions Vol. 4

In our never-ending quest for new and fresh music the fifth missive by Keyboard Masher (simply called KM Editions 5) crossed our path, and now making its way across the North-Sea in a fine cardboard parcel as we speak. An amazing record that deserves some serious tender love and care but it's Sleazy policy to only cover records we physically own, so we'll wax lyrically about KM Editions 4 instead. Because that's how the mind of a proper vinyl junkie works right? > Discover new label > jump on back catalogue pronto < So, at the risk of you lot filing this under old news or 'ridiculously late to the party', we bring you "Synthesize". Bits of Todd Rundgren's 'Born to Synthesize', a leftfield experimental acapella number from 1975, are cleverly layered over a slow yet incredibly hypnotising groove with chunky drums, dapper claps and several layers of blissed out synth lines full of spaced out emotion. It's been a while I've been so captivated by a piece of electronic music.There actually wasn't a vid on the Tube yet, so we kindly did the needful and uploaded it for you.

Bask in the glory of this tune, that will get a front-row seat with complimentary pillows and blankets in our respective record bags for years to come. What an absolute nugget of gold this. Two more tracks on the flip but they're of the somewhat more forgettable beardy/krautrock variety, and definitely no match for the amazingness on the A.

Still available at Juno, so do yourself a solid and buy a copy. Your collection wouldn't be complete without it. Comes in a nice screen-printed sleeve and is limited to vinyl, which should appeal to the collector's out there.