Pittsburgh Track Authority - Now's Tomorrow EP (Harmony Society)

Pittsburgh Track Authority. Not exactly the name that comes to mind when you're thinking of fresh cut disco and beatdown deephouse is it. Instead it raises imagery of the transit cops on Pittsburgh's downtown streetcars, or their needle exchange program - not two badass music producers. Been hearing more and more about these guys since their ace April Boogie 12" that dropped on Rotating Souls back in spring, but truth be known they've been doing really nice disco and analogue sounding house bits for a good stretch. Since 2011 they've managed to churn out almost a dozen eps on strong labels such as Uzuri and Argot, as well as some other imprints that specialize in the more obscure spectrum of house, and an ep on their own label, Pittsburgh Tracks.

Beast of a package this, their new one that we're on about...likely the best they've done in our honest opinion. It's a three track ep entitled Now's Tomorrow on Harmony Society, containing one of the most luscious subdued disco burners we've ever heard. Kicking off with a lone suspenseful kick and fluttering flute, and you really don't have a clue where it's going to go for the first few minutes. Slowly building and increasingly adding elements, it eventually busts out the deep and disco vibes - yanking you on an intense, winding 9 minute long ride. Mega weapon if there ever was one.
Flip over for Feel Good, a more uptempo and uplifting disco jam with loads of looped vocals and piano and such that we've witnessed do the business on a packed floor. Track three is called Exclamation, and while it ain't really my cup with its super dark ambient techno vibe, it's really well done - can give it that. The whole package is really special, limited press wax and hand sprayed sleeve. My copy even had a really nice personal touch, the fingerprints of whoever was holding the can:

Still copies available HERE