Pole Jam Vinyl 01

Got this in a good while ago but our most recent Black Ops release hit the shelves on the same day this came out and I sort of forgot about it. Which is a bit silly, as this first release on Pole Jam Vinyl is a rather splendid one. Not sure's who's behind the label, but the artwork is spot on (looks like something out of Jem and the Misfits from the 80s - if you know what I'm talking about you're an old fart and quite possibly past your prime like me by the way) and the four tracks on offer here prove there is life still in some good old 'schlomo' house (almost sounds like a dirty word though these days doesn't it?). Klar & PF submit Escape and Endless, two silky smooth groovers with glitchy guitar licks and sweet synth melodies on the first and a squelchy analogue bassline on the latter that would do Metro Area proud.

Deep Sound Express pitches in Sunday Morning and After Rain, both a tad more uptempo and of a slightly deeper persuasion, but both very easy on the ears indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if After Rain with its classy male vocals made its way onto a bunch of compilations next summer. Wonderful debut, can't wait to hear more from this label. The label name would suggest this is a vinyl only affair, but nothing surprises me anymore (limited, handstamped and handnumbered represses, anyone?).

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