Out Of The Basement - Rack and Ruin 4

Well the utterly hateful northern wind has officially picked up in the upper tip of Europe, and to combat this my response is to always try to buy more music so as not to go completely batshit crazy while cooped up indoors. First up in this erm, series: the fourth instalment in the stellar Rack and Ruin line, a great imprint run by Evil Kneil out of Manchester. We've picked up most of the previous records in this series over the past year or so and can attest to the carnage they can do to a floor at the right time. This one ain't no exception believe you me. 

 This time the mysterious white label edit series invites the talents of local Manchester duo Out Of The Basement, aka Steve Leggat and James Ellis - both of whom have been involved in the city's thriving music scene for some time. Two tracks up for grabs here, as is the case with all these releases, and to be honest it's really only about the first tune for us - a killer edit of lovely Lyn Christopher's 'Take Me With You'. The Basement boys toss the old forgotten classic feelgood soul cut in the proverbial blender, settings to chop, blend, oomph and *bing*, voila - a seriously bonkers dance verison set to rock the pants off any attendees within stick-shaking distance of the dancefloor. This is what we call one of those AATB tracks. All. About. That. Bassline. And Lyn's vocals too of course. On the flip we get an edit of the Brother's Johnson version of Shuggie Otis' 'Strawberry Letter 23'. This edit is really ace, yes - an elasticized and dubbed to hell version of the original. However good it's been re-visited numerous times, most famously for us by either Dane or Eddie C on Common Edit or Seven Inches of Love, not sure which. In any case this A side is really tickling our pickle at the moment, and we really think you should snap up a copy of the record. 300 for the world so they won't last long. Still available at most of the haunts, or barring that some discogs shops/sellers have a few copies at normal prices HERE