Niccolo Cupo - Ianus (Panta Rhei)

Dusseldorf-based Niccolo Cuppo curates the highly collectable and very limited self-distributed Panta Rhei label, and kindly sent us a copy of the imprint's latest 7" missive called 'Ianus'. In case you were wondering, Panta Rei is ancient Greek for 'everything flows' and means as much as everything is constantly in motion. Ianus is the two-faced Roman God of beginnings and endings, a gatekeeper between future and past of sorts (if you look closely you'll see a handstamped Ianus on the centre sticker, one side smiling, one side frowning). Intriguingly, we're dealing with two versions of 'Ianus' here that are worlds apart indeed. Lips will be curling into smiles whichever side of this delightful little piece of wax you decide to put on first.

Cuppo's original is a slow, moody excursion that cleverly fuses elements of stripped-down deephouse and analogue boogie. The sharp claps and percussion immediately make it stand out from the crowd. It actually doesn't do all that much but the basic groove is ace and should work a treat as a mixtool.

Martin Hayes (our pal from the lovely Rose Records crew) is enlisted for remix duties, and he's delivered a real charmer here, transforming the sparse original into a funky and chunky workout by adding a big slapbass and some ace off-key synth lines of the cosmic variety. I really like both sides of this seven but Martin's remix is the one for me, pure class.

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