Deep88 & Melchior Sultana - Yo House EP (12 Records)

How deceiving looks can be. When we got sent this EP I was a bit wary to say the least. Both the label (12 Records) and the producers involved (Deep88 & Melchior Santana) were new names for me, and the combination of 'Yo House' and the vintage looking artwork had me worried this was going to be an EP of the butch 'throwback house' we hate so much.  While the record definitely tips its hats to the halcyon days of deephouse, Deep88 & Melchior Santana steer clear from those pesky 90s chords and treat us to a couple of delightfully moody grooves instead, delivering a truly mesmerizing package here.

Title track 'Yo House' is one of those tracks that makes you want to record a new mix instantly: a lush midtempo number with piano lines so seductive you'll never want it to end. The basic groove is fairly straightforward with its '2 finger bassline' and classic drum programming, but the piano melodies will tingle your spine in the most pleasing of ways. It immediately reminded me of Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler's seminal 'Winter's Blessings', one of the most-cherished pieces of wax in my collection, so Deep88 and Melchior Santana are in excellent company here. Have a listen to 'Yo House' below:

Flip over for 'Track 3', a moody shuffler with killer synth lines and even some classic strings that gets pushed along by a heavy, slightly distorted snare. Fans of Grooveman Spot and other Japanese producers that love to really push their drums into the red will lap this up. Also on the B is the 'Yo House Pianopello', a great DJ tool for those in need of some sweet sweet piano lines to layer over a different track.

Pick up a copy here (it's a vinyl only release, so once they're gone, they're gone for good)

Really happy we got to know this lovely label, can't wait to play this record out. Time to go through their backcatalogue and do some digging!