VA - Eva's Finest

It's no secret we've been massive fans of the ol' Rose Records boys for some time now. Ever since they set up their label back in 2011, they've been churning out some of the best records we own in our modest collections, we play em constantly and we've become quite close with them without ever meeting face to face. Rose has been focussed mainly on putting out some of the finest beatdown house and disco as their bread and butter; and now they're opting to launch another imprint that will focus more on some really classy tunes that might not have been right for Rose. Whatever the reason we're super excited for the boys and celebrate with them the birth of their new venture: Eva's Finest, 'This ain't just edits…'

You'll be drawn in instantly when the needle hits on the A side with 'Brenda Liebt Den Acid' - where 1960s American pop country hit 'I'm Sorry' by Brenda Lee becomes scrunched up so tight that only the chorus and the backup 'oooohhh's make the cut. The rest is a beatdown squelch-fest of the highest order, who woulda thunk such an obscure tune could be transformed into something so lovely. 'Drive Slowly' is one of the dreamiest tunes we've heard in a good while - while the material is unknown to us, we're dealing with is a seductive female vocal in the foreground leading the rest along a moody floating slow groove. Bside sees 'Feels Like Heaven' - a more uptempo snappy track that'll likely work dandily in a primetime set - however still with loads of deep, dark chunkiness. Is it Leonard Cohen crooning away there? We're honestly not sure. But we loved this tune so much that we dropped it on our recent Special Ops mixtape (check it out here).

Finally, 'Promise You Made' brings new life into the ultra cheezy (in a good way) 80s ballad by Cock Robin, with a cut of the same name. Thankfully, the Eva's Finest boys have morphed the original into a lush electronic groove with only squeaks of CR's vocal and guitar distortion heard amidst the snappy chugging downbeat house cut.

Top 12" - full support to our Rose Bros. It's out in stores now, grab it at Kann Records here, amongst other fine retailers.