The Glue - Q&A (Untz Untz)

Well here we are, 2014 - a whole new world. Everything feels so different and special all of a sudden! Ah well not really actually - we're still stuck in our routines, shlecking the kids off to daycare and wiping food off the floor on a hourly basis. It's just how we roll and we wouldn't want it any other way. In new music news we've been buying new tracks like it's going out of style, between the two of us we've amassed almost 30 tracks already and it's only just gone halfway January. Depleting the kids' trust funds. Putting our record dealer's kids through college. There's simply been too many good records keeping us weak in the knees, there just ain't any other way to explain.

Case in point is the new venture by our furry bear & bunny friends from Norway - The Glue. We love these guys more than anything and love the mysterious label they release with Untz Untz - a Bergen/Berlin outfit as far as we know. The Glue have been quiet-ish in the past couple of years since their smash hit 'A Broken Heart', their ep on Kolour and appearances on a few samplers on Sccucci Manucci and Midnight Riot. It's understandable though as they've been busy honing their skills in the professional Go Fish card game circuit that permeates the Bergenese society 10 months of the year. And aside from that they've been trying desperately not to get shot at - these guys are lucky to have made it to age 30, they look like a giant bear and bunny, don't cha know!

But here we are with a new Glue/Untz Untz production entitled simply Q&A. What we have here is one original tune and a monster edit, in a nutshell. The A side kicks things off with the original production, a warm and punchy kick-starter with lovely disco string samples and a snappy vocal loop. Typical lush Glue fare if there ever was some, these guys have yet to disappoint with their top studio prowess - their furry paws push all the right buttons in their spaceship/studio/treehouse!

The Q track is the real stand out beauty for us though - it's a very cheeky and admittedly shameless edit of a track by the artist who won the 1982 Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist. Google is your friend, friends. Mega strong dancefloor bomb this, with a huge breakdown. Massive vocal, horny horns, and excellent guitar action - the works. Huge tune and would be easily worth the ticket price if it was a single sided 12".

These lovely 12"s are pressed up in limited quantities of 300 so nab one quick before you're crying in your cornflakes. Juno has a few left HERE.