Torben (Torben 001)

What happens when the uber stacked-with-talent, Blue Steel record label Box Aus Holz joins forces with one of the most out there (out there, not as in cookoo, but as in yeah heavy maaan) record shop in the world - Oye Records and make sweet love to one another and get their rhythm method mixed up? The result is a bastard lovechild named little Torben. There's not much info to go on for this little venture - they're going the route of strong silent type. Jam session based tracks, is what they have for description on their soundcloud for example. But you can expect nothing but quality considering the hefty parties of Oye and BAH involved with a hand in things, stirring the broth.

So what pray tell do we get with this little vinyl devilchild incarnate? The part of the answer to that comes in the form of Bongoklaus - a lovely house monster with smooth synths and mega-crunchy drums. If you've been digging all that weird new un-classifiable four/four stuff that's been coming out on BAH by camp Graef over the past few years, then you'll likely flip over this. Elastic basslines and deepsynths combined with tougher drums is perhaps a way you could word it. Zur Trummerlatte on the flip is a tad more heads down gear, but still following the same recipe with some lovely bongo and female vox action thrown in for good measure.

Witness the fitness:

There's also a short intro tune on the record with sound effect type stuff, not to mention a similarly short actual track on B2 of killer weirdness of the upmost quality called Mollfarunkel consisting of heavy stuttery funk/uber brokenbeat/space hiphop. Really fun stuff.

Killer record, full support from the SB camp. No repress. Buy here at the best record shop in the world, Oye Records.