6th Borough Project - In Your Arms (Delusions of Grandeur)

I've had a huge, huge soft spot for the 6th Borough lads for yonks now. While some of the bits Craig and The Revenge make individually these days are a bit too intense for my tired sleep-deprived ears (three years of incessant squealing from the kids have done more damage to my eardrums than two decades of listening to music at silly volumes), when they pair up in the studio, their touch is of the midas variety. This here EP 'In Your Arms' is a taster of their second longplayer for Delusions of Grandeur, called Borough to Borough. If this sampler is anything to go by, we're in for a bit of a treat, as Craig and Graeme's are 'en pleine forme' here, showing who's boss once more.

In Your Arms on the A1 is classic 6th Borough gear. A slow-paced shuffler with smooth piano lines, a slightly pitched up vocal and their trademark crips drums, you know. Also on the A-side is U Know U, my pick of the bunch. It's just as deliciously slow as In Your Arms but the lads up the chug factor a bit, throwing in some mean and moody synthetic basslines and chords to mesmerising effect. Add a few crazy breakdowns and Bob's your uncle. The stuttering, uptempo vocal cut Read My Mind on the flip - featuring Paul Joseph - rounds things off on a housemeetstechno tip with its everlasting hi-energy feel. Not something I'd play, but I can imagine a big room going off when this gets played on a decent rig at the right time.

Brilliant EP, will tide us nicely over until the LP arrives. Pick up one here.


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