Riccio - Never Go Away EP (Slow Town Records)

I'll keep this short and sweet, but Riccio has a new record out and, much like his last one for Fly By Night, it's top shelf tackle from the Italian beatdown disco overlord which deserves a few kind words. We've had the digital promo for yonks but we figured we'd wait for the wax to arrive before writing about it. Hard to take a neat picture of a bunch of mp3s now isn't it? Anyway, this latest puppy is out on Slow Town Records, on 10" vinyl - the format of champions - and provides two chunks of Riccio's trademark loopy, dusty disco. The title track on the A is a gentle groover, building on a sleazy slap-bass lick, looped strings and the hint of a vocal. Flip over for Glow on the B, the track the that had me all weak in the knees after the second bar. Spaced out sound effects over sloppy claps and a few mental stringy breaks to spice things up, what's not to like? Both tracks don't really 'go anywhere', there's not a dramatic buildup or breakdown in sight. I'm pretty sure they're not meant to go anywhere either, these are serious tools for DJs that like their grooves warm, fat and electrifying. Superb stuff.

Pick up a copy here while supply lasts. Oh and did we mention it's on 10" vinyl yet?