Maricopa - The Possibility of an Island (Fools & Fables)

The first release on our new imprint Fools & Fables is finally in stores, after a seemingly endless chain of unfortunate events, involving bad test pressings, the pressing plant using dodgy lacquers and having to recall 300 finished and shrink-wrapped records from the shops. So with blood-pressure levels still at a life-threatening high, it's time to take a deep, deep breath and enjoy the fact that a rather amazing pair of tunes by Maricopa has finally been committed to vinyl. It sold out from the distro in a day, and seems to be going rather fast at all the big online retailers too. A big thanks goes out to Maricopa and all of you for being so patient with us!

Limited to 300 shrink wrapped copies with no repress and no digital release. If you want to keep track of what we're up to over at Fools & Fables, here's the soundcloud page and the inevitable Facebook page. We have a lush follow-up in the works by Closed Paradise, once the dust has settled a little we'll get that one going and put up some samples.

Get one at Juno, Piccadilly or Oye