Sasac/Witch Doctor/Golden Ivy - Chalice Records 001

With just five releases under its belt, it might seem a bit early for the Oye-affiliated Fasaan imprint to start an offshoot project, but the Swedish lads behind the label seems to be knowing what they're doing. The two 12" releases that came out on Fasaan last year have been in really heavy rotation over here, and the ridiculously funky live disco workout that is Midnight Cruise with its magnificent bassline and delightful percussion has become a bit of a staple tune in our sets.

For the inaugural release on new subsidiary Chalice, the Malmo-based lads ditch the live disco approach and go for a full frontal analogue boogie attack instead, enlisting the services of Sasac, Witch Doctor and trusted in-house producer Golden Ivy for a package that is truly glorious. Sasac (who has done some killer stuff for Omega Supreme) kicks things off with The Chase, a prime slice of sleazy boogie with a great guitar hook, a seriously rubbery bassline and some sweet and breezy keys that screams 'play me while you're cruising down from Santa Monica to Malibu with the top down, your new shades on and three women with loose sexual morals riding along for good measure'. 

Flip over for the Witch Doctor's delicious 'Inner Vision', a midtempo burner with a thick, squelchy analogue bassline, crisp drums and sweet synth lines that wouldn't have been out of place on a 90s west coast 'gangster rap' album. Golden Ivy rounds off a killer package with 'Ivy's Dream', a slinky downtempo boogie ride with proper spaced out 80s claps and another beast of a bassline. If you've been enjoying the stuff Moon B and Benedek have been doing for PPU this EP should be a no-brainer for you really. I keep expecting boogie to dragonpunch disco but it just doesn't seem to happen. Maybe it's for the best. We wouldn't want the ableton massive to hijack the scene squeeze all the magic out of it like a relentless swarm of grasshoppers. Let's keep cherishing contemporary boogie as the most interesting corner of our little music world then shall we?

Out now, vinyl only and on gold-coloured wax no less (not a huge fan of coloured vinyl to be honest but it sure does look the part). It's gone at most of the usual suspects but Oye in Berlin still have a few.