VA - I Wanna Fall In Love / Love Affair (Mad Disco)

With a rather exciting gig just around the corner for us in Amsterdam with the Midnight City crew alongside long-time favourite producer and not to mention Sleazy Beats artist LTJ-Xperience - we've been flexing our disco muscles and been purchasing loads of heavy party-oriented fare for the occasion. This stuff always goes down well a treat for a packed house…we've still been buying loads of pitched down moody deephouse and we do love that kinda gear. But after a few drinks and when playing out together it's usually the whistles, horns and vocal stuff we love to play the air-guitar along to (and attempt to get as many others as possible to air guitar along with us). Good clean fun.

The most recent such record that arrived in the above category is the latest in the Mad Disco series of records, containing a couple of disco edits of songs that we're happy have received a facelift. The Aside is a new rendition of Gloria Gaynor's 'Love Affair'. Slap this on and just let the strings take you higher, as it's allll about those strings for me. It's an incredibly infectious groover that 'Yes', we know is quite similar to the original, but contains a little more chug, gloop and oomph. We like oomph. Not only that, but Gloria's chorus girls singing ''Check it out, check it out, this love affair.." has got to be the most catchy thing we've heard in a dog's age. This tune has been on the turntable for a week and a half now, honestly can't stop playing it.

Flip over for a playable version of Dolly Parton's 'I Wanna Fall in Love' - cause let's face it the original has a great beat and is all there instrumentally, but Dolly's twanging tends to take the track to strange places that quite honestly probably shouldn't be explored musically. The enigmatic Mad Disco creates a version that'll fit alongside some party jams and you won't have to cringe when Dolly starts getting silly.

Out now on white wax (why on earth is everything on coloured vinyl these days?). Why not head on over to Piccadilly and bag a copy? Click here.