Junktion & Times Are Ruff - Funny Angle EP (Times Are Ruff)

So we've been meaning to cover this record for a few weeks on the blog, but other duties have popped up, but here we are, and what a doozy on our hands. We first heard about Junktion from his Slow Town release that popped up last september, along with Le Loup - a crackin' ep. But more recently the mysterious Dutchman dropped another shared 12" that seriously blew our socks off - on his own co-label, Outplay - also run by Daniel Leseman (one half of Fouk, with Junktion, aka Hans Peeman - who did the other side of the Outplay release, that we covered on these pages a couple months ago). Now here we are with another VA release - 'Funny Angle EP' on Times Are Ruff (another classy Dutch imprint). SO, it's all a bit of a damn mouthful, and hard to follow amiright? But basically all you really need to know is the music = bauce and these dudes = seriously on top of their game when it comes to button poppin' and knob fiddlin'.

Disco meets sample-heavy Chicago hauz is one way to look at some of Junktion's productions, but that's on a general level - there's so much more. This ep kicks off with Junktion on the A, with 'FunkinGreat Times', a driving dancefloor nugget that chugs along with a subdued trumpet snippet sample and bass-heavy bumping house drums. Top it off with great 'woop' vocal sample that adds depth and flavour and that's essentially all you're gonna need at primetime. Next up, 'OldSouls' is our pick - a more playful and slightly pitched down in tempo track with chilled out organs and cut up vocal. Head-nod factor is high with this one, perfect for the early slots in the night or pitch up for a stronger vibe. We've tested this out a couple of times and it's gotten a couple of souls up to the booth asking for names. Czech:


 On the flip we're treated to the first production we've heard from the Times Are Ruff crew, the B1, 'MyWorld' is a rugged beast of a tune, winding and swirling with big buildups and strong, heavy lines. Probably not quite for us this one, but will get loads of attention from some harder jocks no doubt. The flip, 'Moodish' however, is ace - a catchy and raw affair that keeps it spaced out and tribal-ish with lots of snappy and metalic drums. It keeps the attention going in this manner for a while then a low-key rumble of a bassline gurgles in at the halfway point. Really strong stuff, we like.

The 12" is pressed up on lovely 180g wax, limited pressing on a handstamped brown cardboard sleeve.  These seem to have already disappeared from many of the regular haunts but you can still grab one off discogs. Buy here. 

Keep an eye out for more seriously good stuff from Monsieur Junktion, there's one release we heard is dropping later in the year that's going to be nothing short of spectacular...